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About Us

We promise to SEE YOU!

Seek to understand your needs.

Educate & Empower you about the real estate process.

Exercise our market knowledge and experience to remove challenges.

Your needs will always be FIRST!

Our team will always keep you in the loop

United we will stand with you from start to finish!

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Our mission is to Serve, Educate, and Empower (S.E.E.) our clients, our communities, and our partners in the North and South Carolina area.



Our vision is to be the company of choice for all YOUR real estate needs. WE aim to S.E.E.You!



Our values are driven by a belief system where we are committed to S.E.E our clients; meet and exceed their expectations, negotiate win-win deals while maintaining integrity throughout the real estate process.

Working With Z3 Carolinas

At Z3 Carolinas, we LOVE and S.E.E. – SERVE, EDUCATE & EMPOWER our clients.  Working with so many home buyers (vs just being a listing agent) over the years has forced us to become knowledgeable in ALL areas, all types of homes and properties, all situations.

What you get with us/What makes us different:

FREE Representation - We are typically paid by the seller.

Loyalty - When we represent you, we are looking out for Your best interests, not our, not the seller's, not anyone's but yours.

Advisory & Transaction Management - We advise you from the selection of areas and homes, through inspections, to closing, and everything in between. We're always 3 steps ahead and work hard mitigating risk and using our knowledge and experience to remove challenges

Knowledge Of The Market - We are not niched out into just one market or another. Having a thorough knowledge of the region as a whole helps us to help you vs just leading you to an area that we're more comfortable in.

Resources - Whether it be inspectors, contractors, lenders/bankers, financial advisors, closing attorneys, etc, we can connect you with reputable resources to get you where you need to be.

Market Analysis - One of the most important things we focus on is doing our absolute best to make sure you do not overpay for the home you're interested in. We do that by carefully analyzing similar sold (and active/under contract as well) properties and their attributes and sharing our thoughts with you so that you, too, can be educated on the market. Protecting you is a TOP concern for us and something we take very seriously.

Excellent Negotiating on your behalf - Good negotiating comes in many forms. Our understanding of the market, reputation in the industry, the way we run numbers, and full understanding of ALL of the nuances of an Offer to Purchase can both protect you and also get you the home you want when running into a multiple offer situation.

How We Work/What To Expect:

One thing you should know about me (Terri Young) is that I'm big on being a service to others. I don't believe in shoving contracts or expectations on you. You're making a BIG financial decision and choosing the right Realtor to have by your side is VERY important decision. With that being said, I like to GIVE some of my time and knowledge to earn your trust.

Let's speak on the phone. Let's go see a few homes. Let's spend a little time together so that you can get a feel for me, my knowledge, my trustworthiness, and my ability to represent you. I want you to want to work with me and I believe that you'll know rather quickly if I'm the right broker for you. Once we have a nice sit-down or seen a few homes we will need to establish a more formal business arrangement in the form of a "Buyer Agency Agreement" which is essentially a service agreement between you and my firm, Keller Williams Connected.  With a written agreement, I can then do other things such as comparative analyses on properties you're interested in, digging into other things that might be to your advantage, etc. And not to mention, I can't legally help you write an Offer to Purchase without a written buyer agency agreement, to begin with!


Quite simply, the best way to get started with your home buying journey is to call our office at 980.231.1428 or pick a time that works for you on my calendar.  There will be a few questions to help me learn about your possible plans, what's bringing you to the area (if you're relocating), what types of properties you're considering, etc. Let's just have a nice conversation about you and allow me to answer any questions you may have, ask any I have of you, inform you, be a resource for you.


Ready to get started? We're here to help and we seek to understand your needs.

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