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It Begins Right Here.

Let us roll out the burgundy carpet for you.

Step 1

Book Consult

Our consultation isn’t for us to brag about how awesome we are. Instead, it’s to focus on you and your goals, answer any questions and outline a game plan for your purchase. Our time together will make the process less stressful and set you up for success in today’s market as well as save tons of time and money.

Step 2

Get Preapproved

Imagine going to the store without your wallet. By the time you go home to get your wallet and come back, all of the best deals would be gone. That’s what it’s like shopping for a property without having proof of funds or a preapproval.

Step 3

Intake Form

Just like when you go to a new doctor’s office, we require you to complete our intake form to make sure we understand your needs. It will take about five minutes to complete and will make sure we never miss a detail.

Step 4

Whether you decide to go the resale or new construction route, you can start shopping for the perfect property for your goals and your lifestyle.

Find The One

Step 5

Learn to negotiate

It’s no secret that this market has been competitive. As the market, trends and laws change, it’s important to go into the negotiation process fully educated. This workshop will help you navigate the market and the negotiation process so you can dominate it like a pro.

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