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Buying a home is the most expensive purchase you'll probably ever make, so of course you want a good deal! With my market expertise, we can make sure we get you the best price for the home and negotiate the best terms possible.



The biggest complaint most buyers make about their agent is that they're not available when they want to see properties. By being strategic with our showings, we can get in to see the properties that are the absolute best match for you so you can be first to see it and be the one to buy your dream home rather than losing out to another buyer.



Moving is stressful enough. The buying process shouldn't and doesn't have to be. I believe in a consultative approach to selling homes which means my goal is to educate you at every turn so that you can make the best decisions and I communicate at every step of the process so you're never left in the dark wondering what happens next.




Find a Reputable Realtor


Hire a trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced real estate agent.  This is one of

the crucial mistakes that many buyers make by not putting enough time and effort. 


Choosing the right real estate agent will make the entire home buying process

easier.  The best real estate agents don’t just get you under contract but seek to understand your needs and find the home that meets your needs and make sure you pay a fair market price.  You’re buying your most valuable asset, so you need to make sure you do your homework.  The difference between two real estate agents can literally be tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket and the difference between a stressful home purchase and an easier one.  Therefore, finding the right real estate agent is the first step to buying your home and you can’t afford to miss this step.  Find the agent that seeks to understand your needs.



The mortgage lender will review your income, assets, and credit history to determine if you qualify for the proposed mortgage, and then issue a preapproval letter.  It is important to know your mortgage limit at the beginning of this process. 

Buying a house isn't like buying a car. When the seller is taking their home off the market and can't accept offers from other buyers, they want to know that we will actually get to the closing table so we need to be fully prequalified before we make an offer.

Get Pre-approved

Filling out an online application isn't enough to get your offer accepted. You'll want to go through the full preapproval process (credit check, bank statements and tax returns) to get your offer accepted.

Why should you get pre-approved? To be competitive and to move fast and submit an offer with confidence when you find the home of your dreams. It also helps determine your house-hunting price range.



Make sure that you're fully preapproved so we know what type of properties and price range to look at.

In order to start your home search, we must have a consultation to identify the neighborhood you want to live in and get a clear picture of your ideal dream home. Save your favorite homes, then go do drive by and see if you like the neighborhood and the curb appeal of the home.

After you have visited the neighborhoods, we will arrange to visit the homes you’re most interested in, together and in person to determine the best fit for you.



Getting an offer accepted requires strategy, not luck. We don't just throw random numbers out. We pull comparable sales to see where the property should be selling and we make an educated offer based on the comparables. Price isn't the only important factor that a seller looks at when accepting offers.  The right agent will advise on the terms and conditions that will be a win-win for both you as the buyer and the seller.



If a seller is going to take the property off the market, they want to know that you have skin in the game too. Most sellers will ask for 2-5% of the purchase price for a deposit which is contributed towards closing costs.



The seller will want to see an inspection period of no more than 7-14 days, for you to inspect a home and secure a loan in a timely manner and that your closing timeframe aligns with theirs.



A great lender can help you beat other buyers by having a full preapproval or even better, a loan commitment showing you have gone through underwriting before making an offer.



The seller will take into consideration any additional terms you are asking for like closing cost contributions and if you have to sell a home before you can buy theirs. All of these are factors in determining whether your offer gets accepted.


NEGOTIATE COUNTEROFFERS – Again having the right agent to properly advise and negotiate to get you under contract where you are not overpaying for a home or accepting risks that could cost you thousands later.  Once the agent has successfully negotiated all contract terms and the seller’s accept –

You are officially under contract!



Closing attorney/Title company will run a title search to make sure there are no liens on the property and if so, that they are paid at time of closing by the seller.



To obtain final loan approval you will need to provide all pertinent documentation (contract, financial statements, etc.) to the lender to submit to under writing to get a CTC- Clear-to-Close. 



To complete the loan process, you will need to sign disclosures and pay for the home appraisal. 



A professional home inspection, which discloses vital information about a home, is a must before finalizing your purchase.  Getting a home inspection is not a guarantee that you’ll uncover every little problem. The home inspection process is far from perfect, but it will help to avoid unexpected and expensive problems. 

We will coordinate your inspection with the seller. Generally, the inspection is within 48 hours of getting the offer accepted and we'll have a report back within 48 hours or less.



We will review the inspection report with you and advise which items you should request the seller to repair/replace/correct.  Once we have agreed to the repair request we will draft the request and submit to the seller for review and acceptance.  This is where we negotiate and mitigate risk for you as the buyer.  Once we have successfully negotiated the repairs and the seller agrees, the seller signs the repair request agreeinn and accept the new terms of the contract!



We will coordinate with the seller to help identify the POC for all utilities and provide that info to you to request them to transfer to you on the day of closing.



A few days before closing the lender will send you the CD – Closing Disclosure.  CD is the breakdown of the cost of the loan to purchase your home as well as an item list of all cost associated with the purchase of the home.  We will review that document in its entirety with you and make sure all the number are correct and nothing is missed. 



We recommend doing some hand stretches the night before, because you'll be autographing a whole bunch! Ideally, we'll close before 3pm on business day that's not Friday so you get your keys on the same day. Don't forget to bring a valid ID to the closing.


Once the deed is recorded you can take possession of YOUR NEW HOME! 

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