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Love Your Listing

Preparing Your Home

Have the mindset of selling your home as a business transaction – remove your emotions to allow the buyer to have emotions. They buy off emotions.  FOCUS on appealing to as many buyers you can the better chance you have of getting the best offer in the shortest amount of time.

  • Maximize your space – declutter and start packing for your new home! Allow potential buyers to see space and storage.  Storing boxes in your garage will not have a negative impact but a basement could since it can be a selling feature, and the last thing you want to do is obstruct a buyer’s view.

  • Get a home inspection - Inspections aren’t required when selling your home but can be one of the best investments and alleviate buyer’s concerns. An experienced real estate agent will advise you on what to fix and make the pre-inspection report not have a negative impact when buyer’s view the report.  Getting a pre-inspection helps the buyer feel more confident when submitting an offer; reduces the chances of the buyer asking you to make repairs; decreases the chances of the buyer backing out

  • Make repairs and upgrades that pay off

    • Air conditioning

    • Furnace

    • Water heater

    • Foundation issues

    • Replace subfloor (usually in bathroom caused by leaks)

    • Electrical problems

    • Roof leaks

  • Enhance your lighting – check your light bulbs to make sure they are giving off the light that they should.

  • Paint with neutral colors- Staying neutral is key.  First impressions are everything, and painting a house when getting ready to sell will almost always make a great impression.

  • Boost your curb appeal - Boosting your curb appeal before selling can make an even greater impression.  It’s the first thing a buyer will see when they pull up to your home.  Having multiple colors is important and will help make your curb appeal pop.  Plant colorful plants and flowers; Apply mulch; Power wash, Paint trim, Manicure/edge your lawn, Clean your gutters, Deep clean, Check/upgrade your lighting

  • Deep Clean – HIRE a professional cleaner will save you time, energy, and stress, and it can improve your chances of not missing anything.

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