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November 16, 2021

Today, I’m grateful for fear, it is a powerful motivator

Fear makes us uncomfortable, and we want to move away from that discomfort toward our comfort zone.

Fear of failure can be a strong motivator, pushing you toward what you want and away from a scenario you want to avoid. However, it is also a negative emotion that can be stressful and not healthy for long-term.

Fear is not necessarily a bad thing; it is one of the inbuilt human survival instincts.

Too much fear can paralyze your action that is when fear is a bad thing.

Many people face different fears every day including myself. My biggest fear is the fear of failure and as a result I push myself hard and set high targets for myself so that the effort exerted and progress becomes worth it.

Being fearful is a scary feeling, it makes one imagine all sorts of outcomes and scenarios. Sometimes the fear can be so intense to the point of inaction.

When it paralyzes your action that is when you have a problem - recognizing this is key.

Persevering through and in spite of fear stems from a determination to succeed and make a difference in my life and those of other people. To make a mark in the world.

Fear heightens your senses and awareness; it keeps you alert and helps you be better prepared. Taking time to understand what makes us fearful can offer useful insights and help to prepare for the fear and even work on reducing the fear or the fear triggers. Learn from your past fears is key to identifying triggers and managing them.

Fear inspires intense focus. It highlights the distance between where I’m now and the goal where I want to achieve. It prompts me to identify choices and options, analyze them and evaluate your best course of action. Analyze but don’t overanalyze - this is my biggest area and where I get stuck the most.

When you’re fearful you tend to examine the real or imagined barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals. It makes you stretch yourself and expand your comfort zone as well.

Fear helps you build skills, confidence but also teaches you no one has complete control so sometime just let it go - overcoming your fear is so exhilarating and inspiring.

So the next time I have fear I’m going to focus on the positive aspect of fear and use that to help me FEAR - face everything and rise!

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