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Cousin Mary Alice

Today, I’m grateful for Mary Alice Hunt. She was my 3rd cousin but was like a bonus grandma to me.

Cousin Mary Alice passed Saturday evening at 7:40pm. She entered this world on March 5,1933.

She reminded me so much of my grandmother who raised me. They were more like sisters than niece and aunt by marriage. Shortly after I lost my grandmother, I drove 4 hours pregnant just so I could feel like I was in my grandmother‘s presence. Mary Alice was now my rock and my safe haven. I just loved watching her because she had many similar mannerisms as my grandmother including how she held and smoked a cigarette. Even walking into Mary Alice home I would immediately feel my grandmother’s spirit and sometimes hear her voice and laughter. I remember at my grandmother’s funeral people said they had to take a second look because she and my grandmother looked so much a like. She was my grandmother’s neice by marriage but they had bond like sisters.

Cousin Mary Alice was beautiful, loving and kind woman. She was a very strong and intelligent black business woman. She spoke her mind and I loved that about her. She didn’t take any mess from anyone.

She always kept in touch no matter what city or town I lived in. When I was having some bad days, it was like she knew and she would always call and tell me Aunt Zel would be so proud of you and that she was also proud of me.

This weekend has felt like I lost my grandmother all over again. Please say a special prayer for my cousins Val and Sheree because they lost their matriarch.


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