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create connect contribute and clarify daily.

Today, I’m grateful and thankful for my light being re-ignited By others and by myself. Overtime I have found when people around me are myself birth these 4 C’s that my light reignite and burns consistently. Create Connect Contribute and Clarity

Creating gives me a purpose, excitement, a sense of ownership, and it ignites that inner flame! We all have a unique expression and even if you don’t think you’re creative, I’m here to tell you that you are. You’re a soul that incarnated into a unique human vessel and that in itself is creative! Creativity is more than being artisti,

Creativity is simply taking an idea and evolving it into another new form. It could be a painting, a new way to solve a problem, a new solution to getting homes brought and sold in a competitive marke. I must connect with people. It’s about forming relationships. It’s about having human contact and giving someone a hug or having a deep conversation that captivates your soul. Connecting helps me move out of my head and into your heart where my fire is waiting to be lit.

When i get in my depression state I tend to withdraw from connecting which is the one thing that usually makes it worse. Connecting lights 🔥 but it also keeps it burning.

I always try to operate from contribution. Everything I do affects others because we all connected. So I ask my self how can I be of service to others and what can I contribute and give back to society? What can I do that will help humanity? This is not about being Mother Teresa; this is about showing up despite all my insecurities, fears, and limited beliefs in order to contribute to something larger than self. Doing so gives me a sense of community and help raise my self-worth.

Clarity is power. Clarity in your mind And space allows energy to flow freel. When things feel stagnant, energy gets trapped and doesn’t flow with the natural rhythm of the Universe – tha is a problem, you’re stuck! Something needs to be cleared out in order to the energy to flow again or make space for something new. This can be actual objects around your house, toxic people or old limited beliefs that have kept you, prisoner in your mind and space for too long.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has a cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

so continue to surround yourself around people and spaces the inspire you to create connect contribute and clarify daily. Also be a person who inspires others to create connect contribute and clarify To reignite their light.


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