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November 15, 2021

Today, I’m grateful for declutter.

I’m going through a decluttering stage not only in my home but also in my business, relationship, and finances.

When I accumulate things that no longer serves its purpose - I stop living in real time. Clutter for me is a delayed decision-making. If the thing or person no longer is providing value why do I continue to hold on to it?

The clutter stuff that surrounds you is actually in control of how you’re living your life. It creates feelings of guilt, embarrassment, disappointment.

A smaller size dress can represent an aspiration, but it can also represent a failure. Does having that smaller size dress mean you are a goal achiever? Or does it mean you feel badly because you can’t fit that dress? If I’m being honest it makes me feel like a failure. So I’m asking myself why am I holding on to things and people that make me like a failure?

Having a clutter-filled house and mind makes me feel like I have lost control of my life, my stuff, and my mind. Lack of control leads to lack of confidence. Which makes me feel like I have failed. I’m surrounded by things that makes me feel like crap.

In order to declutter successfully, a person needs skills that may not be innate to their personality. They must be able to prioritize, make choices and take action, and may have to reflect on other values, such as the necessity, the size of a space, or lifestyle in combination with whether or not the the thing or person brings them joy.

When decluttering first define space, area you’re in your life, the emotional state you seek to achieve.

Next take true inventory of everything and decide if each thing or person will help you achieve that defined space or state. Now the things and people that will not remove them.

Now start focusing on the things that will and start creating a system organized to leverage those things and people to get you to that space or state. Remember your clutter didn’t happen overnight so decluttering won’t either.

At first it will be overwhelming, emotional, paralyzing but if you follow thru to the end the psychological and emotional impact of letting go of the clutter can be cathartic, empowering and liberating.

Starting today I’m taking inventory and every thing or person in my space that makes me feel like a failure I’m removing it. It is time that I reclaim my time and my space.

I have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill so it’s my job to surround myself with things and people that will help me and not hinder me for achieving it.

Are you ready to reclaim your space?

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