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Dreams change

Today, I’m grateful for dreams but thankful for my goals and action plans that help me bring my dreams to reality.

If you have a dream, something that excites you, inspires you, and maybe even keeps you up at night never stop believing it’s possible. Start taking steps to make it possible, make choices to bring it to reality.

Believe that it’s possible. Most of the things we dream about are things we could do if we were willing to work toward it, align our choices to support it, and stay flexible in terms of fulfilling it.

You don’t need to believe it will be easy, or it will happen quickly, or it will look exactly like you visualized it. You just need to believe in the possibility, which really means you need to believe in yourself.

Take tiny steps to work towards it. Taking consistent steps, they really can be tiny. It may not seem like much to make a call, bookmark a site, or send an email, or to say your dream out loud but the little things add up over time—and because they’re easily doable, each one may inspire you to do more.

Make choices that support it. This isn’t a suggestion that if we make all the “right” choices, everything will line up and magically work out. It’s just that we have more power than we often realize—and our power lies in our choices. And true power is understanding which choices don’t support our dream.

Whatever your dream, the first choice is to prioritize it. As you’re able, dedicate time to it, money to it, attention to it, love to it, a voice to it. Give what you can, as you can, and back that giving with belief, passion, and enthusiasm. Speak it daily!

Stay flexible about how you’ll fulfill it. sometimes when we’re too busy clinging to a specific vision, we miss an opportunity to experience it in different shades. Details matter but knowing when they matter is key.

This isn’t meant to discourage you from reaching for the stars. It’s just a reminder that there are a lot more of them than you may realize, some far closer than others. Don’t get caught up on a specific 🌟

I promise you when you’re doing something inspired, passionate, and in line with your deepest intentions, you’ll feel alive and proud.

And know that no dream is better than any other, and stay open to the possibility that your dream may change. It’s call growth. My dreams at 21 or very different at 44. And my dream in 2020 is different for 2022.

Your dream may not seem big but It is your dream which is an extension of your unique values and priorities. All that matters is that it matters to you.

Sometimes we attach to dreams simply because we’ve held them for so long. If you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, or money, it becomes hard to consider walking away. But if your priorities have changed, you no longer want that dream. That is ok. Accepting thus is no longer your dream isn’t a sign of weakness or defeat. It’s growth, and the wisdom to enable it.

As for those that dont support or understand your dream aren’t all malicious people they just aren’t dreamers.

Their words may seem to keep you down, but it’s how you internalize them that holds you back. Surround yourself with dreamers not non dreamers

Never stop dreaming because of non dreamers. And don’t go thru life pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.

Do you have a dream? What steps are you taking to make your dream a reality?

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