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Everyone has their own lense on life, seek to understand other’s lense

I don’t always agree with people’s actions, thoughts, political views, etc. I respect they have a right to those just as I do to mine. And I know many people don’t agree with mine either.

People have the right to hate me for whatever reason, it doesn’t make it right but they have a right just like I have a right to love them even if they hate me.

A right is a choice, you are allowing that person to choose therefore that person can be held responsible for the actions and outcomes of their choice.

When you take that right away you are also taking away making them accountable for the outcomes.

There is a reason God gives us a choice to choose him.

Ownership gives accountability.

Before you take a person’s right think do you want to be held accountable for the outcome? Also, if that person was you would you want the right to make that decision or have someone else make it for you?

Remember we all walk this life using different lenses based on our experiences. As a result we all can look at or experience the same thing and all have different outcomes. Neither outcome is wrong because it’s all based on our individual experiences.

Not one person is like another person not even identical twins. So stop and try to understand others views from their lens. You don’t have to wear their lens but just listen to understand the level of tint on their lens based on their life experiences.

Not everyone is seeking to offend you but just trying to tell their story through their lens.


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