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As 2021 chapter come to a close, I want to make sure I express my sincere gratitude for the love and support you ALL have shown me. ❤

I am appreciative for all my clients and referral partners who trusted me with their real estate needs this year! 🏡 I am grateful to all my real estate colleagues for their encouragement and knowledge shared with me. And of course, I appreciate the love of my Facebook fam for re-sharing all my posts with their loved ones, close friends, and co-workers, etc. KEEP IT UP!!!!

It is my desire, hope, and prayer to continue to grow, and continue to serve, educate, empower more people throughout their real estate journeys and life but none of this is possible without YOU and your support ‼️‼️

2021 has been a year where I birth my radio show Divorce-Your-Landlord on WDRBmedia and it’s heard around the world! God has open platforms for me to impact people in ways I never knew I could. For this along I’m forever grateful.

I’m finally living a purpose filled life and it feels so amazing. I think about all the times I wanted to give up and even die, if I would have given up or died I would have robed myself of this amazing feeling. So if you’re thinking abt giving up or evening dying DONT. FIND YOUR PURPOSE AND PEACE AND HAPPINESS WILL FIND YOU!!!!

I’m truly grateful each one of you. Thank you for praying for and with me, thank you for believing and supporting me, thank you for loving and accepting all of me. 🏆🔑🏡❤

Cheers to 2021! It’s been painful, uncomfortable, hard, challenging, and sad but it’s also be rejuvenating, empowering , bold, fun, refreshing, and inspiring!

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