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How One Treats Their Parents Reflects How They'll Treat You

My grandmother always said, "Pay attention to how a man treats his parents, especially his mother." This age-old wisdom has resonated with many across cultures and eras, emphasizing the importance of observing someone's relationship with their parents. It's believed to be a window into their true nature and offers an insight into how they might treat you down the line. If this holds true for romantic relationships, it’s just as relevant in other relationships, like those between friends, colleagues, and especially between a REALTOR® and their clients.

Being in real estate, I've encountered numerous elderly clients. It saddens me to witness instances where their own children fall short of honoring them. This touches me deeply because my own relationship with my parents was far from ideal. Neither of them raised me, but I am who I am because of them. While my bond with my mother had its rocky moments, it was on her deathbed that I truly honored her. This act of respect and remembrance brought me unparalleled peace. It was a healing experience and a fulfillment of God's commandment.

This personal reflection leads me to appreciate the man my husband is, more than ever. The last year of my father-in-law's life saw my husband tirelessly driving over two hours just to attend medical appointments and assist his mother with his father's care. Now, with his father no longer with us, he continues to make that journey every month, helping with yard work or whatever tasks that occupy his mother's time. Without waiting for a call, he's always proactive, assuring her of his visit. I’m grateful every day that my sons witness this. It gives me peace, knowing the depth of care and commitment my husband is capable of.

In essence, the way one treats their parents is a reflection of their core values and character. It's an indicator of their capacity for love, responsibility, respect, and sacrifice. So, the next time you're forming an opinion about someone, remember to pay heed to my grandmother’s wisdom.

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