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November 29, 2021

Today, I am grateful for the desire and need to really know oneself. As I continue my growth journey I find myself constantly asking Who am I? Whose am I? Why do I exist? What assets do I possess? What is my worth? What is my value?

Often, worth and value are terms used interchangeably; however, they are not synonymous. You give value to something because of what it means to you and the emotions attached to it. Know that ‘worth’ is fixed but ‘value’ changes from person to person and time to time. Your umbrella will have a fixed worth, but it becomes valuable when the rains begin and become insignificant again when the rain stops.

Today, you might feel worthless like a raw uncut stone. But when that raw uncut stone a.k.a diamond, is polished, it develops a high worth. As it passes from one jeweler to another, its value changes.

So let's stop feeling worthless start developing our worth. It is your job to determine your worth and not everyone will see and know your value remember value is determined by individuals and their emotions.

Just like we do our umbrella people will do us the same way but that has no impact on your worth. Surround yourself where your worth and value increases and never limited or diminished.

What are you doing to polish your raw self to increase your worth? A diamond's value changes from one jeweler to the other and so will yours from one person to another. Stop staying in situations where your worth is not valued.

When we know our worth, we stop over committing, over compensating, over giving, and over staying in situations that are counter productive to us achieving our goals.

Remember God decided that the world needed a Savior. He thought that you and I were WORTH being saved from our sins and the evils of the world. Hence, He allowed Holy Spirit to impregnate the virgin Mary to give birth to Jesus. Take a moment and reflect on the fact that God thought you and I were WORTHY. As a result, we have value! And that value is PRICELESS 🙂

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