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December 3, 2021

Today, I’m grateful for my children.

They help me continue to evolve, be and do better

My children are🪞of me. They allow me to see my habits good and bad clearly.

For years I have proudly owned that I’m an over thinker. Watching my children operate as an over thinker I’m now able to see overthinking without controls is really anxiety and fear of not being in control.

I‘m a chronic over thinker and have been most of my life. I believe having endured abuse ignited this habit. I’m always in an ”analysis mode” where I’m always preparing and thinking every possible outcome. This thinking creates a temporary comfort for me to deal with uncertainty. But it also stops me from being present.

I literally have missed out on memories, moments, and conversations because I was so focused on playing out every outcome rather being present.

My over thinking has caused me to mentally tap out. To pick up additional bad habits such as over eating and increase alcohol consumption to not sleeping.

But seeing my children display the over thinking habit caused fear and a desire for me to find strategies that can help them and me control it and it not control us.

When it controls us it affects our well-being. It paralyzes us from making decisions, it causes us to operate in worry mode, it leads to emotional distress.

Breaking the habit of overthinking is difficult, but I’m now seeking strategies I can try and implement.

So if you’re an over thinker and have learn to control it, please do share your strategies

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