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November 17, 2021

Today, I’m grateful grateful that Zillow and other companies real estate scheme has been brought to light.

I have so many emotions about this scheme because I saw first hand the damage it caused people.

As result of this scheme I saw first hand

people not be able to afford a home that they literally have been saving up for years and forced them to pay higher rent which will delay them even more to being able to buy a home

Small local business owners like your local agents and lenders loose business.

Which ultimately impacted local communities because it is your local business owners that spends locally to support communities and give back to the local communities.

As an agent and a small business owner and your neighbor I care about our local communities and about the people in them.

I operate with integrity and strive to make sure all deals are a win-win for all parties but most of all I strive to be a service to others. I love and live in the local community so I truly care about the people and have seen the power and impact when we support one another.

So please the next time you are offered a deal by a large corporation please stop and think about the impact that it will have not only on you but also others and the local communities.

Ask yourself if it meets the below criteria

Is it

✔️a WIN-WIN for all

✔️the focus to make sure all do the right thing

✔️putting CUSTOMERS first even over profit

✔️providing EQUITY opportunities for all

✔️promoting SUCCESS results through people not profit

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