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November 19, 2021

Today, I’m grateful for the seven lives I’m going to change in a few hours. Tears of joy are flowing this morning.

A colleague reached out to me and asked if I could help a single mom of 6 buy a home.

Well you all know me I’ll help any one but I’ll definitely help a single mom because that use to be me.

I spoke to this single mom and she said to me I need a place for my kids and I to live. She said she had spoken to several lenders and realtors but no one really tried to help her.

This woman was so determined to buy a home she worked 12+ hours nonstop even on her off days to pay her current bills and to save to purchase a home.

Today in a few hours she will sign to purchase her first home.

I remember when Stacey Wilson-Brown called and told her she was preapproved she was overwhelmed with emotions. She had been trying to buy for over a year and no one would help her.

See she understood the assignment but others didn’t. But when she connected with the right real estate team that also understood the assignment - we got it done!

The best part was seeing all her kids eyes light up when they saw the house. Every child agreed this is the house.

This is why I love being a REALTOR®. God uses me to restore hope and change people lives.

Whatever God has promised you as long as you keep doing what you need to do He will fulfill his promise.

Faith Patience Determination and Hard work

Ain’t God good!

What is your assignment? Does your team understand that assignment?

Having the right team is what helps you get to the finish line. Having the wrong team is what’s make you a spectator looking at others get to the finish line.

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