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November 6, 2021

Today, I’m grateful for Theresa Shields post below

“The best project you’ll ever work on is yourself...So, stop draining yourself by trying to fix and repair broken people. While you're fixing them you're losing yourself.”

Society has us believing that if we focus on us we are selfish and arrogant. However the healthier you are emotionally mentally spiritually and physically allows you to help and encourage others to achieve that same level or better health.

Think about it is just like when the airline stewardess tells you to put your mask on first before you put it on others. Life is the same. You can’t help broken people if you are broken.

Also, I’m learning, pray for me cause I’m in infancy of learning, it’s not my job to fix everyone.

No where in the Bible does it says Terri healed the sick; strengthen the weak, mended the broken, delivered and set free those in bondage.

Y’all this right here just set me free. It has been engraved in me for most of my life that I have to fix everything and everyone. Having this mindset is physically mentally emotionally spiritually and financially draining and toxic to where it has almost killed me more than once.

This Terri is changing that mindset today! God says Terri all I have asked of you is to love thy neighbor as thy self, to love yourself as I love you, to show grace to yourself and others as I have shown you, to forgive yourself and others as I have forgiven you. To live a life designed by me, I’ll order every step to fulfill your destiny. Leave the fixing, mending, healing, and deliverance to me.

I hear you God so clear, Today, I’m trusting completely and I’ll tell anyone and everyone how you continue to heal, mend, fix, and deliver me daily.

My affirmation starting today:

I’m not the fixer of everyone, God is! I must focus on me to be ready when God needs to use me as his vessel when he heals, mends, fixes, and delivers others.

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