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The Power of Local Action: Z3 Carolinas' Support for BCDI-Charlotte and Community Link

Local action has the power to transform communities. In North Carolina, Z3 Carolinas is leading the way by supporting local charities such as BCDI-Charlotte and Community Link. Their work is a prime example of how businesses can harness their influence for the betterment of society.

Making A Difference with BCDI-Charlotte and Community Link

BCDI-Charlotte is dedicated to improving and advancing the quality of life for Black children and their families through education and advocacy. Their initiatives focus on literacy, health and wellness, family engagement, and public policy. Their tireless efforts have played a critical role in improving the lives of countless children and their families in the Charlotte area.

Similarly, Community Link has been instrumental in helping to prevent homelessness and preserve and develop affordable housing in the Carolinas. Their services and programs have helped thousands of families to maintain stable homes, leading to safer and more robust communities.

Why Support These Local Charities?

When we invest in local charities, we're investing directly in our communities. The work of these organizations is crucial because they address the needs of our communities at their roots, creating sustainable and long-term improvements.

Their influence extends beyond the immediate aid they provide. They empower individuals and families, provide crucial resources, and implement programs and initiatives that create lasting change. By supporting these organizations, we're not just making a donation; we're making an investment in the future of our communities.

These charities contribute immensely to strengthening our community, and their efforts are amplified by the support from businesses like Z3 Carolinas. By providing financial support and resources, Z3 Carolinas assists these organizations in broadening their reach and maximizing their impact.

The Beyonce Experience Raffle: Support and Stand A Chance to Win!

We're excited to announce that we have donated 2 level 100 Beyonce tickets for the Beyonce Experience Raffle!

By purchasing a ticket, you're directly contributing to BCDI-Charlotte and Community Link's monumental work. Each ticket brings us a step closer to our goal, making a huge difference in the lives of our local community. But hurry, July 30, 2023 is the last day to get your ticket!

Help us spark a change! Click here to purchase your $25 Beyonce Experience Raffle ticket now and ensure the continued success of BCDI-Charlotte and Community Link. Together, we can build stronger communities.

Z3 Carolinas has always been passionate about community support and development. We firmly believe that by nurturing our local charities, such as BCDI-Charlotte and Community Link, we can all create stronger, more vibrant, and sustainable communities. Supporting local charities not only aids in addressing immediate needs but also ensures the long-term development of the community. It's an investment in the future. As more businesses, like Z3 Carolinas, understand the significance of this approach, we can expect to see more vibrant, resilient, and inclusive communities. Special Thanks to Sea Level NC and Charlotte Black Car Service for their donations and support!


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