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Making Reading Impactful: A Model to Enrich Your Life and Business

Every ambitious individual understands that the gateway to personal and professional growth lies in continuous learning. The most successful business leaders are voracious readers, investing their time in exploring thought-provoking ideas and absorbing insights from the lives of other trailblazers. However, reading for the sake of reading is akin to storing water in a leaky vessel. It's not about how many books you read, but rather what you glean from them and how you apply these insights to your life and business.

To ensure your reading truly impacts your life and business, consider applying the following three-step model.

1. Identify Your Learning Goals and Choose Your Mentors

Understanding what you want to learn and identifying who you'd like to learn from are the first steps. By aligning your reading choices with your objectives, books become your roadmaps to success.

If there's a figure who's achieved what you're striving for, seek out their biographies or memoirs to learn from their experiences. Are there specific skills you need to enhance or knowledge gaps you want to fill? Pick up expert-authored books on these topics. You'll find valuable lessons in books such as 'The Six Thinking Hats' by Edward D. Bono and 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things' by Ben Horowitz.

2. Active Reading - Underline and Note-Take

Don't shy away from marking up your books. Not only does this make the reading process more interactive, but your marked sections and notes also become easy reference points for future use.

If you're reading digitally, make sure you're using a platform that supports highlighting and note-taking. However, physical copies are often more beneficial for later referencing. Documenting your key takeaways in the front pages of the book can serve as a concise summary for future reference.

3. Apply the Knowledge

Merely consuming information won't lead you anywhere. Reflect upon the learnings and identify the actionable steps you should be taking.

These actions could range from overhauling your values or replacing a business model to making minor adjustments to your current systems. Remember, it's okay to abandon a book midway if it's not adding value to your journey. Your time is precious, and it's better spent on books that contribute to your growth.

In conclusion, to leverage reading for personal and business growth, it's essential to identify your learning objectives, engage actively with the content, and apply the insights in a meaningful way.

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