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November 9, 2021

Today, I’m grateful for vulnerability

Vulnerability is defined by Brené Brown (whose research about vulnerability has truly changed the cultural narrative) as “risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure.”

Being vulnerable with myself is a challenge - to feel all my feelings, being honest with myself about what I’m experiencing, and reducing avoiding, minimizing, or numbing in order to really be present with what’s happening to me.

I consciously encourage my children to be vulnerable and to feel every feeling. I am trying to teach them to never avoid minimize or numb themselves from their feelings but embrace and own them. I don’t want them to leave in bondage like me. My desire is for them to be free to be themselves 100.

See I have been told by society peers family that I’m not allowed to feel any of my feelings so I now have hard time embracing them.

Vulnerability isn’t about sharing everything all the time.

It’s about knowing that I’m worthy of having my stories, my experiences, my feelings, and myself seen and witnessed by others.

Getting familiar and comfortable with vulnerability has the power to shift how I show up within myself, in my relationships, in my communities, and in my world.

Being vulnerable will build my confidence; create connections, and bring about new perspectives. The more vulnerable I’m with myself the more free I’ll be. The more God can use me to be a blessing to others.

2022 is going to be a life changing year! I’m going to choose to be more vulnerable with myself - it’s not going to be easy but in order for me to live my truth this is required. I’m scared terrified and ready to run and hide but at the same time so ready to be free to be all of me!

Today, I choose to be vulnerable I’ll no longer bottle up my emotions and allow them to brim over, spilling into my life, damaging my relationships and stalling my progress.

I choose to be free! I choose to live free! I choose to be all of me!

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