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What you focus on expands

My dear friends sent me pictures and videos of their journey from Cuba to America.

My God the length people go through and endure to get here to America is no easy task.

I have been stressing about my journey from corporate to entrepreneurship but after looking at their journey via photos and video changes my whole perspective.

It just shows me how awesome God is. If God can help them get here safely surely He can help lil ole me so I have nothing to worry about.

They traveled by plane to South America and worked their way by truck, boat, but mostly on foot even through water to USA.

They said something to me that pierce my soul about their journey.

“The best of everything is that we didn’t see anything bad because we was to focus on positive things”

I hear you God, I need to focus more on the positive things.

This is much harder for me because my past trauma my mind has been programmed for me to have and focus on negative beliefs, thoughts or emotions is how I feel protected and in control — if I am always expecting the worst, I won't be disappointed. I blame myself for the trauma I experienced so I can feel like I had control in a situation even though I know I didn't. I know sounds crazy but that’s how I function.


What you focus on expands!

We all need to focus more on the positives and less on the negatives and the fears.

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