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Women rock

Today, I am grateful that

Women are more than wives and mothers

Proverbs 31:16 "She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.

Women are entrepreneurs, we can make and do make judicious decisions, we are financially responsible and industrious. Women are providers, visionaries, and movers! We are more than mothers, wives, and sisters!

The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:16 pressed forward and analyzed business ventures, bought real estate, and invested her earning assets for the family estate. This woman was more than a nanny, cook, and laundress.

She was intelligent and knowledgeable to see the potential of real estate. She bought it. Having considered the field’s potential and the right price for a profitable return, she spent her precious earning to purchase the field. She was decisive and bold; she was farsighted and courageous; she was creative and entrepreneurial. She was confident in her ability, her analysis, and the potential profits to reward her family in the future. She used the fruit of her hands to make the investment. Rather than waste her earnings investing in things that did not yield a return; she invested her money for the family’s future in income-producing real estate. She planted a vineyard. She did not just stop at the purchase of the real estate but she put in the work to finish the project by buying seeds, planting them and nurturing them. She saw the future, since profitable vineyards are not created overnight. WOMEN ARE SO AMAZING! WE ROCK

She put God first, her husband second, family third, and business fourth. Her husband and children would praise and celebrate her for helping build the family estate. THIS RIGHT HERE - IF YOUR MATE AND CHILDREN DONT PRAISE AND CELEBRATE YOU THEN YOU MAY NEED TO RE-EVALUATE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

I pray all women continue to be the virtuous women who are BOLD and decisive providers, and visionaries. Women continue to help their mates build the family estate and their mates and children continue to praise and celebrate her

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