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Our Preferred Lenders

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Below is a general checklist of items needed for pre-approval & underwriting submission:

1.      Paystubs - Most recent 30 days
2.      Last 2 years of W2’s and/or 1099’s
3.      Checking & Savings statements – all pages – most recent 60 days (2months)
4.      Retirement & Investment account statements – all pages – most recent 60 days(2 months) or most recent quarterly
5.      Copy of Driver’s license
6.      Homeowners insurance quote – once you find a property    

If Applicable:
7.      VA – Form DD214
8.      VA – certificate of eligbility 

9.      Tax & insurance amounts for any other real estate currently owned
10.    Most recent 2 years of personal federal tax returns if self-employed
11.    A copy of your Original Pension Letter stating how much you will receive each month – if receiving pension
12.    A copy of your Original Social Security Benefits Award Letter – if receiving social security


Please keep in mind that pictures and screenshots generally will not be accepted by an underwriter.

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